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The UsPaCe Project

UsPaCe is funded by the JISC under the JISC Capital Circular 1/07: Cross Institutional Support of Lifelong Learning programme and is a regional, cross-institutional, collaborative project that will investigate the application of suitable Web 2.0 technologies to support:

UsPaCe aims to support the needs of WBL learners and mentors via the creation and sharing of resources and by providing online student support for learners in the work-place to be accessed via desktop or mobile devices. Additionally UsPaCe will support and allow tutors, mentors, learners, employers to interact, communicate and share ideas experiences and knowledge.

UsPaCe is a collaborative project managed by Dr Neil Witt and Dr Anne McDermott from the HELP CETL. The project partners are:

UPC Repository Project

The UsPaCe site also hosts the UPC Repository Project

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